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We Recommend Ojeda's Mexican Food at 4617 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas

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We Recommend North Main BBQ at 406 North Main Euless, Texas

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We Recommend Cowboys Red River

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Butterfly Taxi DFW Guide 
 Important Information for passengers in Dallas and DFW when considering your transportation options.
 #1. Before you get into a taxi, note the color, cab number, and the cab company name and phone number.    
                   (This is the number one most important tip we can offer and here are the reasons.)   
  •  Passengers constantly leave personal items behind and without this information, you will not recover them.
  •  Some taxi drivers overcharge for trips, especially when you jump into a taxi that is in a line up.
     (Taxis that are in line at either airport did not get a dispatched call to their computer. The taxi company has no
     information about passenger or knowledge of street hire.  This is a time that some taxi drivers take advantage of 
     passengers especially when your flight arrived late at night).
  •  Flat rates for taxi cabs that are established by the City of Dallas are only for the following routes.
       Downtown Dallas to DFW Airport.
       Downtown Dallas to Dallas love Field Airport.
    *Downtown Dallas within the Dallas Central Business District that is bounded by I-35 (Stemmons Freeway) on the             West, I-30 (R.L. Thornton) on the South, Woodall Rogers on the North and I-75 (Central Expressway) on the east. 
      Also, all points within 1000 feet of the Dallas Central Business District.

      Dallas Market Center to DFW AIrport.
      Dallas Market Center to Dallas Love Field Airport.

    * Dallas Market Center area is bounded by Medical District Drive on the Northwest, Harry Hines Boulevard on the 
       Northeast, Oaklawn Boulevard on the Southeast, and Irving Boulevard on the Southwest.

The above routes are the only flat rate routes in Dallas.  DFW has flat rates between terminals, etc..  I am only talking about Dallas. I say this because taxi driver should run the meter at all other times.  Legally, taxi drivers are required to run meter at all times passenger is loaded.  If you are picked up anywhere in Dallas or at any airport in Dallas, you are not legally required to pay fare, if th meter is not running.  If one of the above flat rates is established before departing the flat rate is what you pay even if the taxi driver did not run the meter.

For all other trips, routes, and destinations, taxi driver should run the meter.  This is important so that they will not be any issue at the end of trip.  When you get into a taxi in a line up, ask the driver to run the meter.  If the driver refuses, then get out, and wait for another taxi.  Unless you have agreed with the driver in advance of departing that you will pay whatever he ask, then fare should be the metered rate.

  • Taxi Drivers are rquired to take all major credit cards.  You may hear them grumbling about this because they have to pay 5-6% POS fees to cab company.  However, they must take credit cards and if they do not, then you have the identifying information down about the taxi driver that you will need to report the driver to the city of Dallas.

  • You will need the following information to make a complaint against a taxi driver.   
  1.  Driver's name.
  2. Company name and Cab number.
  3. Date, time, location,trip origin and destination.
  4. Details
     For Complaints or compiments    Call 214-670-3161 - Dallas
                                                                         972-721-2334 - Irving
                                                                         817-459-6767 - Arlington
                                                                         817-871-6987 - Fort Worth
                                                                         972-574-CABS - DFW Airport

  • Taxi drivers cannot charge more due to weather conditions.
  • Taxi drivers cannot charge for luggage.
  • Taxi drivers cannot charge for service animals.
  • Extra passenger charge only applies to a human being occupying a seat.

  • Shuttle Services such as Go Yellow Checker, Super Shuttle, and City Shuttle are not cheaper to hire than a taxi unless    it is for one or two people.
  • (Convention goers are under the impression that these services are the most economical way to travel. However, these providers charge a rate per person).  For example, from downtown Dallas to DFW Airport for 6 passengers, these providers charge rates ranging from $19-$30 per person.  For 6 passengers, this could cost $114-$130.  The same 6 passengers in a taxi cost $55-$60.


Do you provide shuttle service to the airport? Yes we make regular trips to DFW Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, and Dallas Executive Airport.

Will your taxi service pick up at MegaBus or Greyhound Bus Station? Yes, we pick up and drop off to both bus stations.

How much notice do you need to pick up a passenger? You can call at anytime 214-392-5581. For transportation to airport, it is recommended that you fill out our taxi reservation form.

How many passengers can you carry in your taxi? Six passenger minivan all with seat belts and with plenty of luggage space.

Do you accept credit cards? We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and we also accept vouchers.

Do you have to run the meter or can I  just get a flat rate? By law, we are required to run the meter even if a flat rate has already been agreed upon. If a  taxi driver does not turn the meter on,  you do not have to pay for service.

Do you take credit card card over the phone?  Yes, as long as I get the billing zip code, the 3 digit security code and expiration date.

Do you include gratuity in your quote for taxi? No, tip is not included in the fare estimate quoted by us.
 Are prices for taxi and limo te same ? Absolutely not. The doorman and valet at most of the hotels tell the passengers that it cost the same because they get $10 if you take a limo. 
Do you allow pets?  Yes, preferably in a pet carrier.
Do you have booster seats for children?  No, but if enough notice, I can locate a booster seat.
Do you offer customer loyalty rewards? COMING SOON
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